Semper Fi CBD “Dry Sift” Herbal Tea

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CBD hash – Dry Sift

Our CBD hash is in the form of Dry Sift, which is obtained through a dry sift process, where the trichomes are separated manually, using a very fine mesh to remove the resin glands and then refined the extract even takes on the appearance of a fine grain. This special technique is highly valued as it takes a great laborious process to obtain superior quality terpenes.


Our CBD hash  has an incredible quality, it has a sandy and dark golden color, with a crumbly texture but hard to the touch, its appearance resembles a slightly pressed block. This product comes in a 3 or 5 gram presentation .


The aroma of our Dry Sift is totally hypnotizing, thanks to its trichomes it has an intense smell, becoming confused with that of CBD buds, its fruity and sweet smell will bring happiness to your body.


The origins of Dry Sift hashish date back to ancient times, it is widely mentioned in Indian mythology, this product has been developed in recent years also in Europe, where CBD Hash has become a quality product.

This product contains less than 0.2% THC , therefore it complies with European legislation, established by law.

CBD products are not drugs and cannot diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new diet program.


13g, 28g, 3g, 5g


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